Many things come to mind when you hear the word, DETOX. Webster’s Dictionary defines it as: “detoxification from an intoxicating or addictive substance or a regimen or treatment intended to remove toxins and impurities from the body.” I was first introduced to the concept of detoxing back in 1982. Sadly, my first introduction was by someone who shared the benefits of a coffee enema. The association made me think twice during my morning coffee, especially knowing how dangerous they could be. So in full disclosure—you will NEVER hear me speak of coffee enemas again! But, a detox I have found beneficial is that of sugar detoxing. It’s amazing how many foods have hidden sugars and its adverse impact on health. I have also found the 7 Day Cleanse Program offered by Shaklee quite restorative in helping me get back on a healthy eating track after I’ve had a break. Yes, it’s ok to fess up—- you know what I mean. After much reflection on the benefits of personal cleansing, it also dawned on me that for years I have been teaching the how tos of detoxifying your homes of harmful toxic chemicals. In addition, as a life coach, I also help my clients overcome “stinkin’ thinking” by the detoxing of negativity and reframing. Put all this together and you have the basis for a new program I will be personally launching September 15th. It’s called Detox for Life and will addresses the various dimensions of true wellness. Of course, the program will be utilizing the World Class Products of Shaklee along with coaching, online support and weekly instructional videos. I absolutely love to help individuals, like yourself, live the best life possible and to LIVE & LOVE YOUR LIFE!